Oh baby, baby...

Well, March is almost over with only a few hours remaining to plan your mischief for tomorrow. But no matter how ingenious your plan to fling that custard pie into your loved one's face, it will never beat the raw talent toddlers have for getting one up on adults.

With that in mind, earlier this month we visited the Manchester Baby and Toddler Show. Event City provided the space for a plethora of baby and toddler related products, all aimed at making those first few tricky years just a little less taxing for both parents and children.

Good weather brought out the crowds and an unusually busy event floor all helped towards keeping the stallholders busy promoting and selling their goods. As we let ourselves get swept away in the current of prams floating down a river of dribble, we spotted many and various new products of all kinds of colours and shapes; most notable of which was a brilliantly simple approach to the tricky task of getting children to wash their hands properly.

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Squidsoap takes the laborious task of getting children to clean their hands thoroughly and turns it into a game. By placing an ink mark on the palm of the hand when the soap dispenser is depressed, the challenge comes by having to rub the mark off, which also happily has the effect of cleaning their little hands properly. It's one of those ideas that's so blindingly obvious, you're a little embarrassed at not having thought of it yourself. For more info, see their website here: www.squidsoap.com

We also have to admit to having fallen slightly in love with the designs of Wild Things Funky Little Dresses. This super cute animal based clothing range designed by Kirsty Hartley really made us go "aaawwww" perhaps a little too audibly. Check out her space on etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/wildthingsdresses

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All in all, it was one of the busiest Baby & Toddler events we've seen, check out our gallery below for some of our highlights of the show.