Cookies & Privacy

We're really glad you decided to visit our little website, so we thought we should tell you what you can expect from our online space.

About Cookies

Aside from being a delicious treat to go with a nice cup of tea, cookies are also tiny text files that sit in your computer and help it to remember things. For example you might have a favourite website that you visit often, cookies can help your computer remember the things that don't change very often on that site, like where the navigation buttons are or what the favicon looks like. So the next time you visit that site, it can load more quickly, thus making your enjoyment of the site more..enjoyable.

Some people don't feel comfortable with the idea of websites leaving cookies on their computer without permission, so if you like, you can turn off cookies in your web browser (here's how). Although you might find that some sites won't work the way you expect if they can't leave their little reminder notes on your system.

Cookies On This Site

As our site is really quite small, we only use a single cookie and it's used solely for the purpose of monitoring our website traffic (to help us see if anyone actually visits us). It doesn't record any personal data about you and never sends any data it collects outside of this website. By using our website, you agree that it's ok for this cookie to be used for this purpose.

About Your Privacy

We hate sales calls, spam mail and any other type of unsolicited contact from people trying to sell various forms of viagra or anything else. So when you fill in our website contact form, you can be sure that we will only use your email address to contact you back regarding our services. We will never, ever sell or pass on your details to another company or person, ever. Scouts honour.