Photoshop Services

Clipping (Background Removal)

For high volume e-commerce merchants, sometimes getting all your products to a photography studio is not always a practical option. We can take your own images and remove the background to create the pure white background that sites such as Amazon require. We don't outsource any clipping abroad and do it all in house, so you can be sure of a consistent high quality.

Image Composites

Even for professional photographers, sometimes to make an image just right requires a little Photoshop magic. More often than not we can take your existing images and blend them into something better. Whether it's taking someone out of a shot, or splicing together two or more images to create one perfect shot, talk to us about what you need and we'll help you get there.

Digital Artwork

From web banners to leaflet design to infographs, we can help put a design to your need. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.